Pittormie Fruit Farm

Pittormie Fruit Farm


We established the nursery at Pittormie initially to provide some colour and plants to sell in the farm shop. As is usually the case things tend to snowball as we bring on more and more plants as customers become aware  that it is there. We find that customers come back again and again. We hope that this is a testament to out quality and value for money.

Nursery Plants

It has always been our policy to provide quality plants. It is for this reason that all our bedding is grown in individual pots which produce strong, healthy plants with good root systems.

Pot plants

Within the nursery we sell a good selsection of shrubs we both bring on ourselves and purchase from a local Scottish nursery wholesaler based in Perthshire.

Hanging Baskets

Over the late spring and early summer we have a large selection of hanging baskets, tubs, patio bowls and window boxes for sale. We also provide a free potting up service where customers can bring us their tubs or hanging baskets to be filled and we only charge for cost of the materials used.